Semalt Shares Tools You Can Use To Discover New Topic Ideas

Sometimes, the problem isn't that there are content gaps on your website; but that you don't know what new topic to discuss. Sadly, this happens to even the best of us. While it may be impossible to have content on every topic related to your industry, it is possible to have discussed every relevant topic. 

If this is the case, we will be showing you what you can do and tools you can use to find new and interesting topics for your audience. 

Creating New Content

One of the most effective ways to connect to your audience is by publishing trending topics on your website, social media handles, and in your editorials. While you must always create content related to current events, using trendy topics can be good for your brand. When used strategically, it can bring in waves of traffic and increase your demand both on the search and on social media. 

In this article, we will be showing you some of the tools we've discovered that help us create excellent topics for our clients. At the end of this article, you, too, should be able to do some research and figure out what possible topics are best suited for your website at any given period. 


Buzzsumo holds a reputation for being one of the best in-class tools for identifying viral content across social media. Today, this tool has expanded its coverage to include analyzing video and Q&A websites.

It is a well-polished tool for listening to and identifying trending social media topics and trending issues on websites. Buzzmos can show you which topics are getting the most attraction on YouTube, for example. 

With this knowledge, it is a lot easier to plot your content calendar so you can remain relevant to your audience all year round. 

Exploding Topics

The name does a great job of explaining what it does. This is a useful tool for entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone else looking to identify trending business ideas and companies. 

Identifying the right topics with this tool is, however, tricky. To get the most out of it, you either have to subscribe to their newsletters or combine this tool with other tools to fully understand the trend. 

Google Trends

Google is also involved in helping websites stay relevant. Google Trends is probably the best free tool out there for identifying trending search topics in any industry. Considering the number of resources Google has at its disposal, this tool is quite effective in tracking global trends. 

It provides a wealth of data which is broken down into several subsets such as date range, category, geo-location, and search type, to name a few. 

One of its most significant updates in the last couple of years is its incorporation into Google search. 

FrontPage Metrics

Reddit has a trend for almost any area of interest. In cases where we struggle to find what we are looking for on Google, we head over to Reddit to see if we can get an answer. FrontPage Metrics is a tracking tool that focuses on Reddit. It helps users identify which subreddits are seeing the most growth daily, weekly, or monthly. With over 3 million subreddits getting tracked, there are more than enough rabbit holes to chase and numerous ideas to inspire your content roadmap. 


This tool claims to be Google Alerts for Google Trends. One of the greatest problems we have encountered with Google Trends is that there isn't any way to subscribe to any specific tool. 

Choosing a third-party tool like Treendly offers top-quality functionality with an excellent user experience. It also sources its resources from a wider variety of sources beyond Google Trends. 

Podcast Notes

Podcasts are usually an excellent way to identify trending topics. Every year the number of podcast listeners is expected to grow, making the $1 billion industry even bigger. As content creators and markets, listening to podcasts can be a huge opportunity in identifying trending topics for our organization and clients. 

Unfortunately, podcasts require a lot of workforce and resources. It takes a lot of time and focuses on listening to the content and identifying the common trends for a client. This is one of the main reasons why small brands shy away from it. By the time they figure out a trend, the chances are that it is no longer trending. 

Podcast notes solve this problem easily. It identifies the key takeaways from individual podcasts and reports them in a quick newsletter format. For business owners or SEO experts who do not have time to listen to 10+ podcasts every week, Podcast Notes does the heavy lifting. 

It's amazing how much data Podcast Notes gathers across several industries. It can track podcasts on technology, finance, start-ups, crypto, lifestyle, fitness, and more. 


This tool is one of the best resources available for aggregating the latest stories in one place. While other tools show you which topics to target, Feedly comes into play after you've identified the most important publication or news sources your audience consumes. 

Feedly shows you the most recent stories published in your industry, keeping you updated 24 / 7. The paid service also comes with some amazing features like the ability to follow trending topics on Google, Twitter, or newsletters. It also has its AI-powered bot, which it uses to listen to and scan the web for certain topics. 

Trends. Co

Trends. Co offers an easy-to-understand and thorough report on new and trending topics across industries. The report comes as a newsletter and breaks down topics by covering: 
  • What problems have created the new trend
  • Why discussing this topic matters 
  • The solution you should be offering in your content 
  • The main players in that space 
  • Predictions 
  • Key lessons 
  • Opportunities 
  • Additional resources to go deeper on the topic
  • Content with opposing opinions  
There are several other paid features that make this tool even more interesting. It is also possible to collaborate with other members of the trends community to share ideas and perform more in-depth research on topics. 

We find this tool particularly helpful in giving context, understanding very complex topics, gathering resources, and providing adequate background information on any subject. 


Trendwatchers share a lot in common with several other tools we've highlighted above. It allows you to follow trends based on any category or keyword of your choice. 

One unique feature of this tool is that it allows you to combine trend data and functions as some blog topic generator. With this feature, you wouldn't just know what topics are trending, but it will suggest excellent topic ideas for its user. 


Trendhunter is one of the biggest tools out there for following internet trends. It functions like a media brand that offers free trend data in its articles. They also offer several offerings like custom research, public speaking services, events, books, and more. 

Publications and Editorial calendars

As content creators, we try our best to create editorials or content that resonates with the interest of your audience at any given time. As we create a content calendar for the coming publishing year, Publications and editorial can be useful in finding trends and drafting a calendar that rides on these waves. 

At any given period of the year, there are some similarities in the type of content that gets published. For example, you will start to see a lot of content focusing on festivities and end-of-year sales as we enter the ember months. This is a trend that repeats itself over and over again, so you can use that idea to create content for your audience. 


There is no shortage of tools or ways to spot what's trending in your community at any given time. 

All we've highlighted above are some of the best ways to identify these trends and gain the ability to study newsletters, articles, alerts, and moments of inspiration so we can build relevant content and marketing campaigns. 

If you're wondering how to put this knowledge into good work for you, we have a solution. Semalt is also involved in content research and creation. Our services ensure that while you focus on other aspects of your business and site, we work tirelessly to improve and create SEO-focused content for you. 

To learn more, kindly visit our service page or contact our customer care team. If you also have questions relating to SEO, contact us, and we will get back to you with answers in no time.